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PARMET Marcelo

Nom et Prenom: PARMET Marcelo Anné de Naissance: 1971 Nationalité: Argentine Technique: Peinture, dessin, collage Expositions:  Buenos Aires (Argentine), New York (USA) Échelle de Pix: 100€ (30 cm x30 cm – peinture), 900€ (110 cm x 170 cm – peinture). 80€ (20 cm x 30 cm – dessin)

Artists, Graphic, Painting

EXPO Angela Robinson (june 2017)

From 14th to 28th of june 2017 Opening: 22th June ​​at 19:30 At Mamia BRETESCHE Galeríe 77 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris THE ARTIST Name and Last Name : Angela Robinson Year of Birth: Nationality: Australien Technique: Drowing and technical mix Exhibitions: Several expos in Ballarat. (Australia) and Barcelona (Spain) Range of price:  

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María Elena Naveillan

Name and Last name: Maria Elena Naveillan Year of birth: 1964 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Graphic, Mix Media, Painting Exibitions: Chile, United States (Washington DC, California), France (Paris). Art Fairs ( Chile, Art Basel-Miami , Art Lima-Peru) Price Range:    

Artists, Graphic

Rachael Runner

Rachael Runner is a BotArtist who lives on the Internet. Designed and programmed by INTACT Project (Manuel Teran, Jaime de los Rios, Jorge Ruiz Abánades and Sara Malinarich), she is part of Carnival system. Soon she began his career as an independent robot artist. Rachael Runner creates and distributes her work to users who use […]