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Liza Marzolo

Name and Last name: Liza Marzolo Year of birth: 1974 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Collage on paper, Oil on Canvas Exhibitions: Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar) USA ( Miami), Mónaco, Guatemala,France (Paris) Range of Price:   CATALOGUE

Artists, Graphic, Mix Media, Painting

María Elena Naveillan

Name and Last name: Maria Elena Naveillan Year of birth: 1964 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Graphic, Mix Media, Painting Exibitions: Chile, United States (Washington DC, California), France (Paris). Art Fairs ( Chile, Art Basel-Miami , Art Lima-Peru) Price Range:    

Artists, Mix Media

Vicente Pastor

Name and Last Name: Vicente Pastor Year of Birth: 1956 Nationality: Spanish Technique: Mixed Media, Painting, Instalation, Performance Exhibitions: Spain, Portugal, France, Viena, Sweden, Uruguay. Price of Range: CATALOGUE