Our gallery in collaboration is located in the Marais district of Paris , in association with its owner and curator Mamia BRETESCHE , an expert in contemporary art and new media since 1977.

The gallery was founded in 2003 and since then has regular exhibitions with international artists of all disciplines.

The collaboration between Silpa Art and Mamia is a successful agreement for the artists represented by Silpa . The gallery picks up a loyal audience and many of them are specialized ( art critics , gallery owners , journalists, etc. ) .

The space serves to support for unique art samples and also opens the possibility of a new repertoire of artists through Silpa .

Since the beginin the gallery bets on emerging artists who meet the requirements of quality and creativity needed to release his work for the first time in Paris and guarantee its continuity in the demanding European market.


Website_about-meWith the collaboration of Madhusudhanan Sundararajan (photographer)

I am a portrait and fashion photographer based in Paris. My interest in visual arts started when I was around eight years old with painting. Later I pursued my education in technical domain and worked as a software engineer for few years. While still working, I was gravitated towards photography. One of my main inspirations is history which I use to produce minimalist images.