Artists, Painting

Lourdes Naveillan

Name and last name: Lourdes Naveillan Year of birth: 1971 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Painting Exhibitions: Chili ( Santiago, Talca, Zapallar, Viña del Mar),  France (Paris), USA (Miami and New York) Agentina (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Venado Tuerto) Price range:

Artists, Mix Media

Vicente Pastor

Name and Last Name: Vicente Pastor Year of Birth: 1956 Nationality: Spanish Technique: Mixed Media, Painting, Instalation, Performance Exhibitions: Spain, Portugal, France, Viena, Sweden, Uruguay. Price of Range: CATALOGUE  

Artists, Graphic

Rachael Runner

Rachael Runner is a BotArtist who lives on the Internet. Designed and programmed by INTACT Project (Manuel Teran, Jaime de los Rios, Jorge Ruiz Abánades and Sara Malinarich), she is part of Carnival system. Soon she began his career as an independent robot artist. Rachael Runner creates and distributes her work to users who use […]

Artists, Painting

Manuel Terán

Name and Last name: Manuel Terán Year of Birth: 1974 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Painting and new technologies Exhibitions: Spain (Chinchon, Tarancón, Toledo, Valencia, Murcia, Avilés,Alicante, Madrid, León, Pamplona, Cuenca, Santander, Bilbao y Zaragoza), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Italy (Milan), Chile (Santiago) Price Range: Web:   CATALOGUE

Artists, Painting

Jasna Tomasevic

Name and Last Name : Jasna Tomasevic Year of Birth: 1975 Nationality: Chilean Technique:  Painting Exhibitions: Chili (Santiago, Punta Arenas, Zapallar and Santo  Domingo) United States (Miami), Spain (Asturias and Cuenca), Monaco, Italy (Lucca and Florence), France (Paris) Price of Range:   CATALOGUE    

Artists, Painting

Sebastián Yrarrazaval

Name and Last Name : Sebastián Yrarrázaval Year of Birth: 1971 Nationality: Spanish Technique: Painting Exhibitions:  México (Irapuato), Chili (Santiago and Valparaiso), Italy, France(Paris) Price Range: Catalogue