Luz Benavente

Luz Benavente’s colorful and expressive paintings are meant to recreate the sensations of standing in a forest, recreatingthe dappled pattern of light through the trees, the cathedral-like height of the branches towering above, the smell of damp earth, and the colors of decomposing leaves and plants. Benavente achieves this unique effect by layering acrylic pigments […]

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EL GESTO Y EL FETICHE Exposición colectiva internacional de arte. Del 15 al 29 de junio de 2017. Inauguración: 22 de junio a las 19h30. En la Galería Mamia BRETESCHE, 77 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003. Paris. ARTISTS: CARLOS ARAYA XIMENA COUSIÑO MARCELO PARMET LU DE ROZAS PILAR OVALLE MARCELA YACONI

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Collective expo in Paris Éloge de la folie

ÉLOGE DE LA FOLIE. International exhibition of paintings and sculpturs. From 16th to 30th may 2017. Openning: 18th may at 7:30 pm. At Mamia BRETESCHE Gallery, 77 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003. Paris. “The praise of folly” is originally an essay by Erasmus of Rotterdam (printed for the first time in 1511) and its satirical text was one of […]

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PARMET Marcelo

Nom et Prenom: PARMET Marcelo Anné de Naissance: 1971 Nationalité: Argentine Technique: Peinture, dessin, collage Expositions:  Buenos Aires (Argentine), New York (USA) Échelle de Pix: 100€ (30 cm x30 cm – peinture), 900€ (110 cm x 170 cm – peinture). 80€ (20 cm x 30 cm – dessin)



Artists : Carlos Araya Paticia Astorga Denise Blanchard Daniel Boursin Roser Bru Isabel Cauas Pauline Cristi Pablo Espinoza V. Guillermo Frommer Eduardo Garreaud Teresa Haeussler Liliana Iturriaga Maite Izquierdo Violeta Larrain Jorge Martínez Liza Marzolo Macarena Medel Javiera Moreira Rafael Munita Paula Nahmod Lourdes Naveillan Humberto Nilo Marcelo Parmet Rodrigo Opazo Paula Ortiz Francisca del […]


CLOSED – Application call for a duo exhibition

Duo exhibition in art gallery “Mamia Bretesché & Silpa Art” in the district of Le Marais in Paris. This application is focused on the presentation of an exhibition proposed by two artists Application date: From August 1st, 2016 until October 1st, 2016 Documentation required: -Only one pdf file. 5Mb max. This file must contain: – Visual dossier of recent […]


Proyecto Embajador

The AMBASSADOR PROJECT describes a proposal by the Ambassador of Chile in France, Patricio Hales, with the collaboration of Silpa Art to organize a collective exhibition. Silpa Art, represents this group of artists, which has responded with his work to this and other initiatives of representation of the Chilean culture. They are: Liza Marzolo, Sara […]


Ouverture. Estado de emergencia

Nine Chilean artists and an artist robot. Collective exhibition of painting, sculpture and new media. Mamia Bretesché gallery 04/02/2016 – 19/02/2016 77 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris (Galeries du Haut Marais) Artists: Margarita Garcés, Sara Malinarich, Liza Marzolo, Lourdes Naveillan, Mª Elena Naveillan, Rachael Runner (artista robot creada por INTACT Project 1), Macarena Salinas, Gonzalo […]


Art Monaco 2015

The Principality of Monaco is an independent constitutional monarchy embedded in the beautiful French Riviera, nestled in between Nice and Menton, only 15 minutes from the Italian border. The second smallest country in the world next to the Vatican, Monaco’s small 2.2km is densely populated at 32,000 inhabitants. A highly urbanized hotspot for the elite, […]

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EXPO Angela Robinson (june 2017)

From 14th to 28th of june 2017 Opening: 22th June ​​at 19:30 At Mamia BRETESCHE Galeríe 77 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris THE ARTIST Name and Last Name : Angela Robinson Year of Birth: Nationality: Australien Technique: Drowing and technical mix Exhibitions: Several expos in Ballarat. (Australia) and Barcelona (Spain) Range of price:  

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Ernesto García

Name and Last Name: Ernesto Garcia Year of Birth: 1965 Nationality: Spanish (ASturias) Technique: Photography Exhibitions: Spain, He has published three landscape phtography books Price Range: Web: CATALOGUE

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Sara Malinarich

Name and Last Name: Sara Malinarich Year of Birth: 1975 Nationality: Chilean Technique: New Media Exhibitions:   Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Usa (New York and Massachusetts), Cyprus (Cyprus), France  (Paris and Poitiers),Spain (Madrid , Valencia , Barcelona , Gijon, Santiago , San Sebastian , Huesca , Cuenca,  Leon, Zaragoza and Bilbao), Mexico (Mexico DF and Yucatan ), Ecuador (Cuenca), Chile  ( Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires) , […]

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Liza Marzolo

Name and Last name: Liza Marzolo Year of birth: 1974 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Collage on paper, Oil on Canvas Exhibitions: Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar) USA ( Miami), Mónaco, Guatemala,France (Paris) Range of Price:   CATALOGUE

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María Elena Naveillan

Name and Last name: Maria Elena Naveillan Year of birth: 1964 Nationality: Chilean Technique: Graphic, Mix Media, Painting Exibitions: Chile, United States (Washington DC, California), France (Paris). Art Fairs ( Chile, Art Basel-Miami , Art Lima-Peru) Price Range: